About us

O&P Tax Consulting is a firm with collaborators that are committed to the company´s ideals and contribute to providing
top-quality tax, foreign trade, audit, accounting, financial and consulting services with the highest level of
professionalism, thus ensuring our clients success.


To be a firm at the forefront of knowledge and professionalism in clien relations and services.

Our professionals provide expert advice to help our local and intenational clients attain professional success.


To transcend nationally and globally as the leading tax, foreing trade, accounting
and financial consulting organization, renowned for our client service.

Values O&P Financial Consultants


  • Compliance.
  • Strategy.
  • Calculation and submission of tax returns.
  • Confirmation of criteria.
  • Refund and compensations.
  • Company liquidation.
  • Company mergers.
  • Stock sale reports.
  • Accounting records.
  • Formulation of financial statements.
  • Payroll approval with SAT.
  • Electronic invoicing.
  • Calculation of federal taxes.
  • Social Security.
  • Inventories.
  • Tax returns for information purposes.
  • Calculation of Tamaulipas State taxes.