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We belong to the family of “O&P Group” being a specialized group to provide corporate solutions in the area of finance, taxes and human resources.

O&P Human Capital, S.C. we are a company that provides quality services, fulfilling the fiscal and labor obligations established in Mexico; at the same time, we seek that our clients and collaborators reach their objectives.

Services O & P Human Capital

Staff Administration

O&P Human Capital’s personnel and human resources management aims to ensure the productivity, efficiency and peace of mind of our clients.

Management is a model in which business processes are transferred to another company. (Outsourcing of functions)


We acquire the responsibility to cover:

  • Wages and salaries.
  • Labour provisions.
  • Social Security.
  • ISR for salaries.
Based on the tax reform that entered into force on January 1, 2017, our clients will be provided monthly the following information:

  • CFDI of workers’ payroll.
  • Acceptance of ISR integer for workers’ wages.
  • VAT monthly payment.
  • Payment of employers’ contributions to the Mexican Social Security Institute.
  • Informational declaration of subcontracting companies.
Maquila de nómina
Servicio en el cual permite al cliente contar con profesionistas especializados en el proceso de la nómina, determinación de impuestos y derivados, con la confianza y certeza que la información será veraz y oportuna.


  • Procesamiento de nómina correcta.
  • Puntualidad y confidencialidad.
  • Constante actualización en material laboral, legal y fiscal.
  • Entrega oportuna de reportes.
  • Savings in time and staff.
  • Saving on costs and administrative burdens.
  • Invoice deductible in ISR and IVA Credible.
  • Eliminates fines and surcharges for errors or omissions.
  • Eliminates labor risks and fiscal contingencies.
  • Eliminate efforts before government institutions.


Be leading solutions providers in the area of Human Capital.

Carrying the complete management and the corresponding processes of practical and efficient way, obtaining the satisfaction of our clients and a work environment that provides tranquility.


To be recognized as leading solutions providers in the area of Human Capital nationwide. Being an integral part of the organizations and providing avant-garde techniques in the development of Human Capital. Achieving thus, the constant fulfillment of objectives in an environment of confidence.



We value our customers by offering superior service conditions than they expect to receive.


We work to make your vision come true.


We create a solid and responsible customer-service team.



Our sincerity is the best way for our clients to reach their goals.


We foster a long-term relationship with our clients as a result of good work and understanding of their needs.

Human Capital

We work with a professional team, responsible and dedicated, able to achieve the goals of our clients.


We promote a social commitment and comply with our internal regulations.


We are a team that always seeks to go one step further to provide a better service.

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